Pete's Pagebuilder User Feedback

Pete's Pagebuilder is a product that can grow and improve to help the users in any way possible. Please take the time to take the survey so that we can further help improve DNN. This survey is intended for users of Pete's Pagebuilder (DNN).
1. Please list which control(s) you use.
2. Please explain how could the
control(s)/module(s) be improved?
DNN Containers (please refer to questions 3-5)
3. Do you use any DNN containers

4. If yes, please list which container(s)/ module(s)
you have used.
5. Please explain how the container(s) could be improved?
6. Please list any additional comments in
reference to Petes Pagebuilder (DNN).
7. Please list any additional modules currently not in
Pete's Pagebuilder that you would like to have added:
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