Welcome to the Pete's Pagebuilder (Basic) Tutorials.

Pete's Pagebuilder will allow you to create a professional page by using customizablemodules that are easy to use this page will provide you with all theinformation that you need to fulfill your web page goals.

Step 1:  Select and Place a Module
Step 2:  Learn what a particular module can do

The following pages include descriptions for all the modules used in DNN at UTEP. The information includes:

What is the primary purpose of this module?  

When to Use:
When would using this module be recommended? Examples of content that can be displayed using this module.  

How to Use:
This is a step by step definition of how to populate the module with content.  

* View Options:
List the types of options available for this module.

* Helpful Links:
  Any sites from where you may find information regarding this module.

*Optional Fields 
   Need assistance or have questions about Pete's Pagebulder?  Please contact Michelle Thomas at petespagebuilder@utep.edu or (915) 747-5445.