Tips and Tricks

  1. If you have a folder with content saved and you would like to upload it in Pete's Pagebuilder, you will need to create a folder first and then upload the files in the folder.
  2. When editing a web page in Pete's Pagebuilder, please make sure that the Mode is set to edit and the Design view is set to " - ".  If the settings are not set so, then the content you are editing will appear blank.
  3. When adding the Announcements module, the date displays by default.  To not display the date an option would be to use either the Text/HTML module or the New Article module.
  4. When using the Form Creator module, please do not leave any fields blank or you will get a Critical Error.  One example is, if you create a textbox do not forget to add all textbox fields - size and box type.
  5. When creating a module, check the Visibility settings to "None".  This is located under Page Settings then Basic Settings.