Instructions to set up your new web site (portal):

  • Complete the Basic DNN training and the Administrative DNN training.
  • Complete the Request for New Site Form, at or contact the helpdesk once the training has been completed. Keep in mind that before your site is created you will need to present the Training Completion Certificate.  If you are not the site owner they will need to provide an email or a signed letter allowing administrative rights to the site.
  • Once the certificate has been presented to the Help Desk, the site will be created.
  • Also, if it is a new site, please have a few options for the site name.
  • The portal (site) will then be created and the user will be notified that their portal is ready.
  • The user can then begin creating their site (portal).

Helpdesk contact information:

Phone: (915) 747-5257


Monday: Friday: 7am – 8 pm

Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm

Sunday: Closed


* The Help Desk (Student Technology Support Center) is located in the Library, Suite 300.

Need help with Pete’s Pagebuilder:

Academic Technologies  (915) 747-5058

   Need assistance or have questions about Pete's Pagebulder?  Please contact Michelle Thomas at or (915) 747-5445.