What is Pete's Pagebuilder?  Pete's Pagebuilder is a web based application designed to help create professional pages without the need of extensive programming knowledge.  By using customizable modules that are easy to use Pete's Pagebuilder gives you full control to the page fulfilling your web page goals. You will hear Pete's Pagebuilder sometimes referred to as DNN or DotNetNuke which is built upon an open source platform.

Why use Pete's Pagebuilder?  Pete's Pagebuilder is a user-friendly interface which makes it simple to use.  With all the modules provided you can create pages in minutes.  On top of it being user-friendly Pete's Pagebuilder is customizable.  Skins, fonts, colors, and containers can all be changed to fit your needs allowing for an overall site appearance unlike any others.  New skins and containers are being added to give the user a wide variety of choices to help customize the site.  On top of all that you don't need to install anything.  Just login into the page and start working!

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Is Pete's Pagebuilder secure?  Yes Pete's Pagebuilder is very secure.  All the information: usernames and passwords are stored on servers.  This allows faculty, staff, and students with administrative rights to be able to set security roles for individuals.

   Need assistance or have questions about Pete's Pagebulder?  Please contact Michelle Thomas at petespagebuilder@utep.edu or (915) 747-5445.